Blood Tests

Testing packs

The Thyroid Clinic is now able to offer its own tailored test kits done through our trusted partners at Inuvi diagnostics. Tests can either
be taken at home using our finger-prick testing kits or saliva kits, or, we can send out full blood draw kits for a nurse to take your bloods.  Please contact the clinic if you are close to the Bristol/Bath area as we can arrange blood draws for you in your own home. 

These kits are great for testing to see if you have a thyroid or hormonal problem prior to booking an appointment with us or for your own follow up/monitoring.  

Prices include kits, P+P and The Thyroid Clinic’s interpretation of the results. If you go on to book an appointment with our clinicians you will receive 15% discount on an appointment cost. 

To order please click here and chose blood packs. Please say which blood pack you would like and add in your address. Blood packs will be sent out on Tuesday and Thursday (clinic days) so please be patient with arrival times. 

N.B. If you are buying these kits without an appointment the results will not have a clinical context so explanation will not be as thorough as if you had an appointment with our doctor.  

If you are a current patient (i.e. have had appointments with our clinicians) then the costs of blood kits are cheaper as interpretation of results is part of your consultations – please contact the clinic for more details. 

Costs are subject to change as they are set by the laboratory. 

Kits available:

Full female hormone profile: (includes markers for menopause/perimenopause, PCOS, HPA axis dysfunction)

Tests included: LH, FSH, oestradiol, testosterone, FAI or FT, SHBG and prolactin


Full thyroid hormone and essential vitamin profile: (includes full thyroid hormone and antibody testing plus the most essential vitamins for good thyroid function)

Tests included: TSH, FT4, FT3, TPO, TGA, Ferritin, CRP, Vit D, Vit B12 and folate


Basic thyroid function:  (great for follow up bloods)

Tests included: TSH, FT4 and FT3


Reverse T3: (great for finding out if you are on too much T4 or are a poor thyroid hormone converter)

Tests included: Reverse T3


Cortisol 4 saliva samples in a day: (great for testing your adrenal function and levels of stress hormone)

Tests included: Saliva tests on waking, 12 noon, 4pm and bedtime.

Please note that these cannot diagnose Addison’s or Cushing’s Disease but could indicate an adrenal problem.



Blood testing in our clinics: 

At each appointment we will discuss the best blood tests to suit you and your budget. Bloods can either be taken at home using our finger-prick testing kits or we can send out full blood draw kits for a nurse to take your bloods.  Please contact the clinic if you are close to the Bristol/Bath area as we can arrange blood draws for you in your own home. 

Bloods arranged within the clinic are 25% cheaper than the costs above. 

You can arrange your own blood kits but you are responsible for all the sourcing, taking and results. 


The results from our blood kits have a turnaround of 1 working day from when they are received in the lab and they come directly to the clinic.

Sample Collection

Most blood collection kits are able to be done at home using a finger-prick technique. We will provide with all you need to do this along with instructions. Some samples are done using saliva collection, again instructions will come with the kit.

If you find that finger-prick does not work well for you then there will be local clinics who can take your blood for a small fee. If you are in the Bristol/Bath area please contact us as we have a travelling phlebotomy service.

Will I have a copy of my blood test results?

If you are requesting blood kits outside of appointments the results will be sent directly to you with our advisory notes.  If you are registered with the clinic, you can always request a copy of your results to be sent to you, but following your appointment, your most recent blood tests will be put into your letter for you.

If you have arranged your own blood tests, the results will come to you and will need forwarding to the clinic. 

Home Blood Sample Collection

If you are in the Bristol area we can arrange for you to get your blood sample collected by a qualified healthcare professional from the comfort of your own home. Please contact the clinic for more information.

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