Are you a private service?

Yes, we are a private service which means all appointments will need to be paid for.

Appointment fees include prescriptions (but not the cost of the drug from the pharmacy) and correspondence to your GP if required.

All extra letters eg referrals/sick notes are charged at £25 per letter.

Can you refer back to the NHS?

The clinic can refer you back to your GP but not to an endocrinologist.

Can I get my medicines on the NHS?

Only if your GP agrees to prescribe them.  We can write a letter to them requesting they prescribe.

Do you prescribe NDT and T3?

Yes if the clinical team believes this is the correct medicine for you.  These prescriptions are rarely prescribed by your GP.

Do you prescribe HRT?

Yes, the clinic does prescribe bio identical HRT.

Do you get cancellations and why is there a waiting list?

Our clinicians work at the clinic and the NHS which means they only work set days of the week.  Appointments get booked up very quickly and generally there is around a 6-8 week wait. 

Cancellations to happen and the secretary will put you on the cancellation list if you request this.

Do you see children?

Yes we have several children on our caseload already.

Can I request a longer appointment?

Yes of course.  Please let the secretary know you would like extra time and we will do our best to accommodate this for you.  Extra time will be charged.

Are all your appointments online?

Most of our appointments are done via encrypted video.  Dr Conway does a clinic once per month where you can be seen face to face if you would rather.  Please let the clinic know you would like this, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We can also do phone appointments if this suits you better.